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Speaking from the heart and with authenticity

I believe everyone has a voice and story to share, with the right nurturing and supportive environment you to can be seen, heard and understood. To create an impact and ripple effect in the world.

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My Vision

To Empower, Inspire and Transform woman's confidence with speaking.


My Mission

Empowering you to be you through transformation. To bring out your heart and authenticity as a speaker and communicator.


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Client Love


Life Changing

“After 1 session with Melanie, this is what happened in my business: 4 new Coaching clients booked 5 new Homeopathic clients booked for this week AND 5 next week 5 Retreats bookings in last 4 days THANKS TO YOU: Because…. they ALL said: “Once I read your bio I resonated with your story and said this woman will fix me, I need to work with you!” No one ever even asked the price- they just signed up! So- my elevated confidence and story and products development IS YOU! Made $3000 in one day by sharing my story. ❤️❤️❤️ so grateful!!!! Dee You have the qualities of sincerity, total caring, you are joyous, I feel you connect with your clients at a soul level, you inspire me more than any other coach I’ve worked with on a granular level and have taken me not only from A to B but given me my own power to ignite my passion to get towards Z! and Your bubbly attitude (johns opinion ) John.”


Dee Hacking

Truly Inspiring

“As my experience and knowledge have grown, I always liked the idea of doing a workshop but didn’t have the confidence or motivation to do it. The sessions with Melanie have been truly inspiring, and with her help, we have worked through content, Melanie has given me incredible advice on public speaking and I now have two workshops arranged, which, rather than being nervous about, I’m actually really excited about. If it hadn’t been for Melanie, I would have kept putting it off and would probably never have got round to it. Melanie is great at what she does and I’ll be continuing to use her services for the foreseeable future.”


Lyndsey McLaughlin

Fantastic Workshop

“Melanie’s 1-day workshop was fantastic. I gained an understanding of the importance of sharing my story, my WHY. learnt that it’s OK to share some emotion and in doing so, has a greater impact on my audience, enabling me to connect with my audience on a deeper level. Melanie’s course was well organised and structured. I feel more confident about creating engaging presentations and highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills.”


Donna Stanger

Truly Inspiring

“I have absolutely loved working with you this past year 😍 🎉 You’re such a fantastic motivator and one of my biggest cheerleaders. Working with you has opened up so many doors and opportunities – including online AND in-person teaching and speaking opportunities. The strategies and structure you’ve taught me have been so valuable. Thank you for helping me to reach my full potential 🤩 I have achieved so much more than I ever anticipated for my business this year ❤What I feel is unique from my other coaching experiences, is the personal touches - checking in with me before big speaking gigs, sending encouraging voice notes via messenger, randomly messaging me about speaking gigs that you thought would be a good fit for me...all of those personal touches outside of coaching hours, makes me feel connected and really supported by you. Like I feel you've genuinely invested in me☺️”


Amber Cakes

Meet Melanie

Melanie is an International Communication and Leadership Speaker, Best-selling Author and helps women with speaking and communication.

Melanie is on a mission to bring out the heart and authenticity of the speaker and communicator that supports growth and transformation.

Melanie believes everyone has a voice and story to share, with a nurturing and supportive environment to be heard and understood.

Melanie provides a personal heart-focused approach to empower, inspire and transform her clients' lives, work and businesses. This creates an impact and ripple effect in the world.

Melanie has been featured in the World media including FOX, NBC, CBS, The Boston Herald, and NY Headline as the leading speaking coach Empowering women to have a voice in this world.

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